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The client is a B2C provider of bathroom remodeling services, specializing in installations of beautiful showers and tubs. The value proposition lies in the clients ability to complete the remodeling process in as little as one day, while offering a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and products.


The objectives of the marketing campaign were as follows:

  • Reduce the clients current lead cost and improve ROI.
  • Increase brand visibility and awareness in the target markets.
  • Drive website traffic and generate qualified leads for online sales.
  • Identify and collect audiences of those most likely to purchase for retargeting.


The marketing strategy involved a multi-channel approach and the construction of a landing page specifically designed to generate leads. The key elements of the strategy included:

  • Website Audit: Perform a website audit to asses the viability of the current site; focused on current site speed, SEO, mobile optimization, current traffic (both organic and paid), bounce rates/conversion rates and overall design of the site including CTA placement and contact form optimization.
  • Landing Page Build (Webflow): Build a landing page to improve upon the current site; featuring only the most important information and updated design to assist users in converting.
  • Meta Brand Awareness and Lead Generation: The brand awareness campaigns will focus on all of the benefits of the product without any 'hard sell' messaging, displaying the fun side of the brand and keeping the client top of mind. The lead generation campaign will feature time sensitive value propositions with matching graphics to draw in the users attention and pique their interest. Having the lead form on Meta without the user having to leave the platform should increase lead volume, while the landing page can further inform those coming through the brand awareness campaigns.
  • Google Search and Display campaign: The search campaign will work to catch the low hanging fruit, those users who are already looking for a bathroom renovation, giving them an easy transition to the landing page where they can easily complete a contact form. The display campaigns will work to push brand awareness at a low cost.
  • StackAdapt: Finally, we will be using StackAdapt to establish geo fences at upcoming tradeshows where we can capture those people most likely to be interested in the brand and retarget them with creative in the following months.


The marketing campaign produced the following results:

  • After performing the website audit, and building out the landing page there was a tangible improvement in the six months following. We saw the onsite conversion rate grow from 2% to 7% thanks to a much more streamlined design with copy pertaining to value propositions and product benefits, well placed Call to Action buttons and an easy to fill out contact form.
  • The Meta performance also showed huge improvement over the clients past efforts. The brand awareness campaigns saw traffic as low as $0.20 per LPV where it had previously been $1.50+. These campaigns also showed a modest amount of monthly contact form completions on site, which was great to see, considering this wasn't the primary optimization. In the lead generation campaigns there was a huge reduction in lead cost, down from $120 per lead that the client had seen previously to $20 - $25, this of course increased lead volume significantly.
  • The search campaigns returned leads at $12. This was as much as 6x cheaper than the client had seen in the past. The CTR in this campaign also increased by 300% from 0.5 to 2%.
  • With StackAdapt being a new addition to the clients marketing strategy there are no metrics to compare to. However, the cheap cost of gathering and retargeting an audience through this platform made it a worthwhile addition to the strategy, with extremely cheap clicks to the site.

In summary, the goal of increasing lead volume and improving ROI was achieved effectively. Not only were there more leads but the client also reported a higher quality than they had seen previously, allowing them to close quotes at a higher rate. This was all whilst having higher website traffic and improved brand awareness.

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