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The client is a B2B company operating in the health and wellness industry, with a specific focus on fish-free omega-3 products. The company is dedicated to offering high-quality alternatives to traditional fish-derived omega-3 supplements, catering to the growing demand for sustainable and plant-based options.


The objectives of the marketing campaign were as follows:

  • Increase brand visibility and awareness in the health food and supplement market.
  • Drive website traffic and generate qualified leads for online sales.
  • Maximize online conversions and revenue.
  • Target big industry tradeshows across the world to build strong retargeting audiences.


The marketing strategy involved a multi-channel approach, with a focus on paid advertising in a B2B capacity. The key elements of the strategy included:

  • Linkedin Traffic and Reach campaigns (Top of Funnel and Retargeting): Leveraging a B2B focused social media advertising channel allows the targeting of key decision makers within companies in the health and wellness industry. Companies were targeted across Europe, North America and Asia. Using unique illustrated designs to create multiple campaigns with different creative types including; video, static image and carousel variants.
  • Google Search and Display campaigns: The search campaign will work to push the client and their product to the top of SERPs to get in front of those users who are actively looking for a fish free supplement. The display campaigns will work to push brand awareness at a low cost.
  • Social listening (Brand24): Using a social listening tool to quickly and effectively find articles pertaining to the client and the industry that can then be shared and promoted through LinkedIn to further brand awareness.
  • StackAdapt (audience capture): Establishing geo fences at upcoming tradeshows across the globe where we can capture those people who may have already interacted with the client's booth or have an existing connection to the industry. These will then be turned into strong retargeting audiences that we can serve ads in the coming months.


The marketing campaign produced the following results:

  • Linkedin Traffic and Reach campaigns(Top of Funnel and Retargeting): Within 12 months, site traffic had increased by 70% with CTRs of 2.5% on the platform. We also saw CPM's of $10, about 1/3 of the average on the Linkedin platform. There was also a marked increase in submitted enquiry forms onsite during this time, with about 20% of the overall increase being owed to LinkedIn advertising efforts.
  • Google Search and Display campaigns: Search campaigns consistently returned qualified leads costing between $50 - $100 month over month, with a closing rate of 10% and an average order value of $10,000 this gave the client an ROAS of 10+, a fantastic results.
  • Social listening (Brand24): Using the social listening tools allowed the client to get ahead of big news in the industry and any new articles written about them. This allowed the quick production of organic posts that could then be promoted and bolster our LinkedIn campaigns.
  • StackAdapt (audience capture): The audience collection from StackAdapt proved fruitful with low cost traffic in the first 3 months following each show (after which time would usually find the audience to be fatiguing).

In conclusion, the B2B marketing campaign was a resounding success, exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results especially through the Search campaign. Through careful planning, strategic execution, and a deep understanding of the target audience, the campaign effectively engaged key decision-makers, built valuable relationships, and drove significant business growth.

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