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The client operates in the healthy snacks and camelina oil industry, offering a wide range of nutritious snack options and high-quality camelina oil products. As a bricks and mortar retailer, the client initially relied on physical stores to reach their target market.

However, recognizing the growing importance of e-commerce and the shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping, the client identified the need to establish an effective online presence. This would enable them to tap into a larger customer base and meet the evolving demands of their target audience.


The objectives of the marketing campaign were as follows:

  • Increase brand visibility and awareness in the target markets.
  • Drive website traffic and generate qualified leads for online sales.
  • Maximize online conversions and revenue.
  • Establish a competitive edge in the healthy snacks and camelina oil industry.
  • Grow the clients email list for future revenue generation.


The marketing strategy involved a multi-channel approach, with a focus on paid advertising. The key elements of the strategy included:

  • Meta Traffic and Purchase Campaigns (Top of Funnel and Retargeting): Detailed interest targeting was used to create a unique set of audiences, including; parents, teachers, organic and vegan food enthusiasts and gym goers. We utilized a wide variety of engaging creative and irresistible value propositions. These campaigns aimed to generate awareness, drive website traffic, and retarget potential customers who had shown interest.
  • Meta Lead Generation Campaign: We added in a lead generation campaign focused on a single piece of creative outlining a giveaway of 'free snacks for a year'. Everyone who signed up with their email address would receive a 15% off coupon to use in the online store and also be entered to win a year of free snacks.
  • Defensive Google Search Campaigns: To protect the client's brand presence and capture potential customers searching for the client's brand name or related keywords, defensive Google Search campaigns were implemented. These campaigns aimed to direct traffic to the client's website and prevent competitors from poaching their audience.
  • Performance Max Campaigns: PMAX campaigns allowed leverage of machine learning to optimize bidding and targeting. This also enabled us to rapidly produce many different forms of creative by feeding in multiple graphics and headlines and letting Google serve what would resonate best with the user. This allowed for broader reach and efficient allocation of advertising budgets.
  • Klaviyo: To capitalize on the growing email list coming in from the website and the Meta lead generation campaign, a three stage email welcome flow was set up to nurture these new subscribers from prospective clients to returning customers. Here we leveraged beautiful creative and strong copy to help the user claim their 15% off code and use it at the checkout.
  • Optimonk: In addition to our Meta lead generation campaign we also set up a spin-to-win pop up wheel on the website where a user could submit their email for the chance to win a 15% off email code. Another effective means of growing the clients email list long term.


The marketing campaign produced the following results:

  • Meta Traffic and Purchase Campaigns: The top-of-funnel Meta traffic campaigns generated a 120% increase in website traffic within the first six months. Purchase campaigns resulted in a consistent ROAS of 4+. These campaigns also excelled in secondary metrics with a 40% increase in add to carts on site.
  • Meta Lead Generation Campaign: The Meta lead generation campaign successfully captured and nurtured leads resulting in a 5% email list growth each month.
  • Defensive Google Search Campaigns: The defensive Google Search campaigns protected the client's brand presence and drove significant website traffic.
  • Performance Max Campaigns: The Performance Max campaigns yielded impressive results, reaching a wide audience across various ad formats and networks. This approach resulted in a 50% increase in click-through rates and a 15% increase in conversions compared to their previous Google Shopping campaigns.
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing: The Klaviyo email marketing campaigns were highly effective in engaging with customers and driving conversions. Due to the incredibly successful value proposition of 15% off and the swift growth of the email list we saw the Welcome Flow beating industry standards by 4x each month. Open rates of 50%+, Click through rates of 15%+ and conversion rates of 8%. Klaviyo became responsible for 30% of the clients total monthly revenue after the implementation of the Welcome Flow (using Shopify analytics, not Klaviyo's 5 day attribution model!).
  • Optimonk: The Optimonk gamification strategy significantly increased user engagement and conversions on the client's website. The interactive elements led to a 20% increase in lead capture over their old pop up.

Overall, the marketing campaign successfully facilitated the client's transition from bricks and mortar retail to e-commerce. The integrated approach utilizing multiple paid advertising channels, along with email marketing and gamification, contributed to increased brand visibility, website traffic, lead generation, and online sales. These results enabled the client to establish a competitive edge in the healthy snacks and camelina oil industry, positioning them for further growth in the e-commerce space.

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