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The client offers a unique product that allows agriculturalists to control machinery wirelessly and negate the need to climb up and down from tractor/combine cabs. The solution offers several benefits, including easy installation without voiding warranties, compatibility with all major brands, and increased productivity on the farm.


The objectives of the marketing campaign were as follows:

  • Build a new website to remedy low conversion rates and improve user experience.
  • Maximize online conversions and revenue.
  • Get the word out about the product, with special focus on how it works and the benefits for the user.
  • Grow product following by sharing successes within the industry and awards being won.


The marketing strategy involved a multi-channel approach, with a focus on paid advertising. The key elements of the strategy included:

  • Website Rebuild (Shopify): A rebuild in Shopify will allow the ability to leverage e-commerce functionality. The most important updates include; copy that clearly explains the function of the product and the benefits that go with it, cataloging the products in such a way that allows clients to see quickly if their make and model of vehicle is supported and the price, and a strong industry standard check out process to make the client feel comfortable with a high ticket purchase.
  • Meta Traffic and Conversion campaigns: Set up social campaigns on Meta that target the most important farming areas around the world, with focus on Canada, United States and Australia. Utilize video creative that explains the product and the successes that others have seen including client testimonials. Retargeting all users that visit the website with further static images to drive purchases.
  • Twitter Traffic campaigns: Twitter is an excellent channel to promote agriculture as this is where you can reach the majority of the demographic. Setting up a lookalike audience comprised of users who follow certain agricultural pages that are most likely to be interested in the product.


The marketing campaign produced the following results:

  • Website Rebuild (Shopify): Huge success followed setting up the new site in Shopify with the conversion rate going from 0.5% on the old site to 5% on the rebuild. This continued to improve after 6 months with the introduction of free shipping on all products.
  • Meta Traffic and Conversion campaigns: The traffic campaigns performed strongly bringing the site up to over 1,000 users per day attributed to these campaigns alone at a cost of below $0.10 per user. The conversion retargeting campaigns showed similar success with 3-5 attributed sales per month, bringing in a consistent ROAS of 3+.
  • Twitter Traffic campaigns: Again, a strong boost in traffic with clicks to the site coming in as low as $0.05 per user. This was also a channel that was mentioned often to the client when they attended trade shows, stating that they had learned about the product from these ads, showing a strong boost in brand awareness as a biproduct.

Overall, the marketing campaign made a huge impact on this new business, boosting monthly revenue from $10,000 to over $200,000 in the first 6 months. Utilizing educational messaging, creative, and testimonials allowed the development of trust signals around the product in a tight knit community ultimately leading to the adoption of the product across the world and allowing the client to put more new products onto the market.

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